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Besides our collaboration in the ‚Ralph Beerkircher Quartet‘ Ralph and I began writing music for a duo in Autumn 2005 .


The idea being to also combine strict composition with open structual improvisation so that the boarder between these principals at first become blurred and finally disappear. Less to fill the sound but much more to use collective improvisation, through the function of an additional instrument, in this concept we also make use of electronic sound devices with samples and loops.

We have called our first programme ‚emergenzen‘.

As ‚emergence‘ characteristics will be designated a ‚whole, and will not be derived from individual ‚parts‘ but only from the combination of those parts, that is, explicable through their process. (Brockhaus)

We were able to give our first performance of ‚emergemzen‘ within the framework of the Kölner Musiknacht in October 2005 in the Antoniter Church in the town centre.
A recording (together with a string quarte) is planned .


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