one to one lesson

I am offering privat lessons to anyone who might be interested.Pic51

  • If you need a „check up“ 
  • if you are stuck in what you are working on, 
  • if you need help preparing admission exams for conservatories
  • if you need concepts or exercises, 
    • to improve your breathing technique
    • to develop your sound quality
    • to polish your phrasing
    • to increase your harmonic knowledge
    • to improve your improvisation skills in any respect
    • or if you are just looking for some new ideas or inspiration
    • and, and, and

please feel free to contact me anytime and I’ll get back on you asap.

As I am pretty busy often I cannot offer privat lessons on a regular basis, but there is always time for an hour in-between.

For those who have a longer trip to my place I am offering 120min as well to reduce travel costs. You can reach me easily by train or car.

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