Claudius Valk / Norbert Scholly / Etienne Nilessen


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is an „enjoy playing band“

By giving only very little composed material to my two wonderful fellow musicians Norbert Scholly and Etienne Nilessen, I am opening up the rooms and spaces for what we actually do:





 Scope teaser



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Scope is a journey

into sound,
into communication,
into spontaneously morphing colors,
into collective music research,
into common reflection.


what ever we play we do it with the idea of maximal freedom, risk and spontaneity.



Scope is loud, Scope is soft, Scope is fast, Scope is slow, Scope is floating, Scope is grooving.

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Scope is watching the world through a colored piece of broken glass.

Scope is:

Norbert Scholly (guitar)

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Claudius Valk (reeds)

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Etienne Nilessen (drums)

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all Fotos of scope © by Frank Hirschhausen 



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