Next to other teaching activities I have always been enjoying to give workshops and masterclasses at different occasions, places and institutes.
I have been doing this at music schools and academies as well as at conservatories and universities. Depending on time, schedule and demands I offer lectures different topics like:


for saxophone players:

  • body and breathing
  • sound production and exercising
  • what is technique, the difference between cognitive and movement aspects
  • Mouthpieces and reeds
  • the acoustic/physical aspects of a saxophone
  • teaching the saxophone
  • doing simple repairs on the horn
  • etc





for all instrumentalists:

  • transcription / (a concept going further than just copying a solo)
  • working with the twelve tone row
  • band communication
  • creative use of the metronom
  • improvising on forms, chords, rhythms, melodies
  • find your own working rhythm and schedule your practice




for bands and ensembles:

  • improvisation and communication
  • using polyrhythmic structures
  • odd meter standard playing (an open concept)
  • all kind of repertoire training including rehearsing original compositions



For further information be very welcome to contact me here